The Spinners | New York State Fair

The Spinners|New York State Fair Concert

My Summer was made by having the privilege and honor of interviewing The Spinners! What a special group of talented and gracious gentlemen. I reached out to their Manager, Paul Mathis, months before this concert to request an interview with the group. When he agreed for me to do the interview,  I was elated and couldn’t wait for their interview at the New York State Fair Concert in August 2021! Thank you so much, Paul!


Jessie and CJ from The Spinners energetically performing at the New York State Fair in blue metallic tuxes


Seeing The Spinners up close and personal before the concert was nothing short of amazing! A part of my life was sitting right in front of me! To be standing right up beside the stage while they performed was thrilling! I could feel the beat of the music and their songs inside my chest! Their energy was contagious!


The Spinners singing and dancing in their dress white shirts and black tuxedo pants


It was a hot and sweltering day at this outdoor concert on the Chevy Court Stage with the sun beating down on the group. They didn’t miss a beat or dance step in spite of the hot sun burning down on them. Their audience was super excited to hear them as most people had their phones out taking pictures and videos.


Henry Fambrough, Original Spinners member, singing beside Marvin Taylor in their black tuxedo slacks with crisp white shirts and black suspenders


This concert at the New York State Fair was one of the BEST I’ve ever seen. The energy, talent, style, and finesse of The Spinners were beyond incredible. They continue to honor the legacy of the original singers of the group from the 1950s. Original Henry Fambrough is still an asset to the group today. Seeing each of the singers show Henry the deep respect that he deserves, on stage and off, was heart-warming.


Henry Fambrough, Original Member of The Spinners, singing and dancing in front of a microphone at the New York State Fair Concert wearing crisp white shirt with teal neck band and black tux trousers with suspenders


Henry Fambrough is the longest-running member of the group. His favorite song to sing with the group, hands down, is Mighty Love. He grew up singing gospel music in church and was influenced by Harvey Fuqua with The Moonglows as well as Ollie & The Nightingales. The word that best describes what Henry is feeling while performing is “Happy”. Henry, you’ve still got it goin’ on!!


Henry Fambrough, original member of the Spinners sitting on a stool singing at the NY State Fair outdoor concert wearing a metallic blue shimmering tuxedo jacket with a white shirt and black slacks


Seeing The Spinners up close and personal before the concert was nothing short of amazing! A part of my life was sitting right in front of me! To be standing right up beside the stage while they performed was thrilling! I could feel the beat of the music and their songs inside my chest! Their energy was contagious!



CJ Jefferson with The Spinners singing a heartfelt song on stage in his metallic blue tuxedo jacket and black slacks


CJ Jefferson, the Lead Singer, says he’s “the new kid on the block”.  He said, “I came up as a preacher’s kid, singing gospel music in church”. He currently calls Las Vegas home and was influenced by Stevie Wonder, Prince, Charlie Wilson, and Motown in general. CJ mentioned his most memorable concert was his first show with The Spinners. It was his initiation into the group. He said after the show, when he got into the limo, Henry pointed at him and said “You can’t go nowhere!” CJ then thought “I guess I’m in”.


CJ Jefferson, belting out a song with The Spinners at the NY State Fair Chevy Court Outdoor concert wearing a white satin dress shirt with a teal neck band


CJ mentioned that the word that describes what he is feeling when performing on stage is “Surprised”. Why? He went on to say that he is so surprised at how well the singers have put in so much work since the beginning of The Spinners. He said that they have all been able to keep the same excitement and energy.  He went on to say that typically groups change their style and this group has kept it. It’s still hot!!


The Spinners have sold millions of records and topped both the Pop and R&B charts with smash hits such as “I’ll Be Around,” “Games People Play,” “One of a Kind (Love Affair)” and “Then Came You.” They are backed up by a soul-infused four-piece band led by Keith Ferguson. They are just as polished and smooth as they were decades ago.


The Spinners is not just a group of singers; it is a well-run organization from the well-rehearsed choreography, the talented band, the group’s Manager Paul Mathis, the Road Manager Fred, to the beautiful harmonies. Every element displays an attention to detail. The hard work that is put into The Spinners is evident! They are classy and intentional and clearly have fun while they enjoy entertaining.


Jessie Peck, The Spinners singing at the NY State Fair Concert wearing a metallic shimmering tux jacket


Jessie Peck was intentional before the concert as he was interacting with the audience. And after performing for 70 minutes straight, he was right back outside greeting more fans with photos and autographs. Jessie was so gracious with each person wanting to speak with him. He patiently answered their questions and posed for photos until everyone was taken care of.

The entire group was very intentional with me as they warmly welcomed me for my interview.


Me standing with The Spinners back stage following our interview. Henry, CJ, Jessie, Ronnie, Marvin


I have so much respect for each of these fellas! The work they put into their show is obvious. And the fact that they made time prior to the show to speak to me, was so kind and meaningful! To be honest, I had a tough time remembering each of their names before my interview with them. BUT NOW, I will forever remember each of their names with a smile on my face as I think of each one of them performing on stage!



Original Member of the Spinners, Henry Fambrough with me after an interview. 83 years young! He's still got it going on!


These fellas are pretty incredible. The respect they show each other off and on stage is so terrific. The kindness they displayed to each other and me, as well as the laugher they shared during my interview, was such a blessing to see.

I really could have chatted with the guys for hours.  I could have listened to them sing for days on end!  I’m grateful for a mom who listened to different genres of music, including The Spinners and always had the record player going.


Ronnie Moss, The Spinners, singing passionately into microphone wearing a shimmering metallic tuxedo jacket with a white shirt and teal neck band


Ronnie Moss, who lives right near me in Loganville, Georgia, was influenced by Smokey Robinson and Sam Cooke. Ronnie mentioned that he and CJ fly into Detroit to rehearse with the group in Henry’s basement dance studio. Wouldn’t THAT be fun to watch!! I’d love to be a fly on the wall! Ronnie mentioned that the one word that best describes what he is feeling when performing on stage is “Excited”.


Ronnie Moss, The Spinners, singing and dancing in his blue metallic shimmering tuxedo jacket on stage at the NY State Fair outdoor concert




Jessie Peck, the Spinners, belting out a song wearing a white satin shirt with a teal neck band at the NY State Fair outdoor concert


Jessie Peck said he is influenced by all things old school, bass singers, and Motown. He has a deep respect for Prince, who he referred to as “The Royal One” and how he could take control of the crowd and hypnotize them. Jesse handles a lot of the social media for the group and posts a lot of fun videos on his Facebook page, including some of this interview with me. One word that best describes what Jessie is feeling while on stage is “Surreal”.


Marvin Taylor, The Spinners, singing and looking towards me wearing a shimmering blue metallic tuxedo jacket and black pants under blue skies and hot sun at the NY State Fair outdoor concert


Here’s lookin’ at YOU, Marvin Taylor!  Marvin, who is from Flint Michigan, said he was influenced by “Marvin Gaye, of course (Same first names!). He’s the best? And since I’m the best in this group here……” and then everyone cracked up laughing! It was so refreshing to see how congenial Marvin is and how he lights up being up on stage while performing.  Marvin said that what best describes what he is feeling while performing on stage is “at home”.


The Spinners, Marvin Taylor, singing on state at the NY State Fair in his white satin shirt, black slacks and black suspenders


Each of the guys displayed so much appreciation to the audience during the concert. Their energy, while they were belting out songs and dancing for over an hour straight, in the sweltering heat, was contagious! They never stopped moving! They were all smiling ear to ear which made me and so many others do the same. It’s evident they thoroughly enjoy what they are doing. They truly were having fun while on stage.


The Spinners having fun on stage while performing at the NY State Fair in August 2021


This group is carrying on the traditions of The Spinners. The dedication they displayed at their concert was evident. Their harmonies, fancy footwork with choreography, joyful hearts, and teamwork exuded diligence but seemed effortless. They mentioned Cholly Atkins, during our interview.  Cholly was a choreographer for The Spinners back in the day and provided routines for most of the Motown label.


“So much rhythm, grace, and debonair for one man” quoted from their song Rubberband Man, is so fitting, for each of these guys!

Check out their busy touring schedule on Facebook to try to catch a concert near you. They have also recently released a new album ‘Round the Block and Back Again’. You can also follow them on Instagram @thespinnersofficial.


Me, taking pictures, with Media Credentials, of The Spinners performing at the NY State Fair


Thank you, The Spinners, for making my summer! Thank you fellas for taking the time to graciously meet with me. I truly appreciate your sweet hospitality. Blessings to each of you guys for a fantastic season of touring, great health, and making beautiful music together! You’re terrific! Here’s hoping I get to attend another one of your concerts before too long!

Groovin’ to the music,

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