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My daughter and I enjoyed the most delicious meal at the Beach Tavern in Monmouth Beach New Jersey. Incredible choices on the menu for gluten-free options. We used the Find Me Gluten Free App which makes things so much easier when visiting out of state. I highly recommend the Beach Tavern for the atmosphere, water views, and fabulous food.


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I decided on the Fish N’ Chips with Steak Fries. But since there was so much to choose from, I couldn’t stop there! Our waitress Darlene was so patient in answering all of my questions. You know the drill…Is the kitchen safe for Celiacs? I need to tag my order as an “allergy” and make sure they change their gloves in the kitchen! Well, the Beach Tavern is already well prepared. And that just made me be able to sit back and enjoy the view and my daughter while I waited for my lunch.


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We started with a few appetizers! That’s what happens when I feel “safe”. A “FEW” appetizers. I overate for sure! But I knew that whatever I wasn’t able to finish, I could just bring home for my son-in-law, who genuinely appreciates incredible food, especially fabulous gluten-free food. It’s so fun to be amazed by gluten-free food, that you would never in a million years guess it’s gluten-free, with my family! So Fun! Especially with my son-in-law, because he appreciates good food as much as I do.

So Meg and I began with homemade Onion Dip and Sea Salt Potato Chips (yes, they have a designated fryer!) It was delicious, to say the least!


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Onion Dip & Sea Salt Potato Chips


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Tempura Broccoli


We also ordered the Tempura Broccoli which was served with Korean BBQ sauce and a coconut cream sauce. YUMMY!! Holy Cow this dish was off the charts! Light and crunchy. I was a bit nervous about the sauces because of needing them gluten-free, but I trusted they would be gluten-free and they truly were. What a treat!



For my main course, I ordered the Fish N’ Chips which was made with very fresh Cod. A very generous serving came with homemade Crème Fraîche Tarter and Steak Fries. I’m typically not a fan of tartar sauce, but this tarter sauce was fabulous! What a delight this meal was.


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I am only able to eat Fish N’ Chips on a very occasional basis because it’s so hard to find gluten-free. So when I do come across it, I love to get it!

When you see “v=vegetarian . v+=vegan . gf=gluten-free . df=dairy free”, you know the restaurant knows what they are talking about and they are very intentional. Just another calming effect for me!


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The atmosphere at the Beach Tavern is just beautiful. The inside has a very classy, nautical theme. I can only imagine what the outdoor views look like in the Summer months. To sit beside the window and experience the boats at the dock, lake houses, and the calming water just added to our experience.


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Notice the boat hanging above the bar


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Our waitress Darlene was so great. And the Manger, Kenny, was very present in the dining room and at our table making sure everything was okay. Apparently, the Chef’s wife is gluten-free. So hats off to him for taking a gluten-free menu so seriously and the food to the next level.


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Can’t get enough of spending time with my daughter Meg

The restaurant is beautifully decorated inside and out. Can you imagine the dock lit up with lights during the Summer months, and sitting outside with live music? Oh man, that would be nice!

I truly loved eating at the Beach Tavern! When Meg and I finally dragged ourselves away, because our meal lasted a very long time, it was tough to leave, because we enjoyed everything and everyone so much.

I’m told that you never know who you might see here! Jon Bon Jovi and “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro live nearby, as well as the Governor of New Jersey. If you visit the Jersey Shore, take time to drive around as the real estate is just lovely. And by all means, pop into the Beach Tavern and tell them I sent you!

Thank you Darlene and Kenny for such a fabulous lunch! It was lovely to chat with you both. Sure wish we lived closer, but it’s probably a good thing we don’t! Y’all would probably get tired of seeing me there ALL THE TIME!

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,

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