Capri New Style | Miami, Florida

What an incredible discovery while staying in Miami Beach! Absolutely delicious gluten-free Italian food. Gluten-Free pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts that are beyond fabulous! They have a designated gluten-free oven and prep area. What a great place to order from and have delivered or pop in for an incredible dining experience while in Miami Beach! Capri New Style Ristorante Pizzeria Miami Beach is just the BEST!


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Pizza Margherita


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Pizza prepared by Master Pizza Chef Massimiliano Stammerra


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Just look at this crust! Something to sink your teeth into! 100% gluten-free!!


Using the Find Me Gluten Free App was once again so helpful in finding a Celiac Safe restaurant. I was blown away by how delicious and fresh this food was. You would never know it was gluten-free!

When I called Capri New Style Miami to ask about their gluten-free options, Ciro was so kind and helpful over the phone. I was hesitant to place an order because I was not at the restaurant in person. But Ciro assured me that “they are the best gluten-free restaurant in Miami Beach”! So I decided to give them a try! Well…….you can tell by these photos that I wasn’t disappointed! It was just the BEST selection of food! I wish they had a location in Atlanta!!


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Panettone (Christmas Sweet Bread) Just look at the height of this delight! Fresh out of the oven!


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All sliced up and ready to devour! So warm, moist, and flavorful!




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Homemade Italian Bread Caesar Salad with Fresh Shaved Parmesan


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Almond Biscotti Perfect with a cup of coffee or hot tea!My compliments to Master Executive Chef Giovanni Orifici


The next time I’m in Miami Beach, Capri New Style Ristorante Pizzeria is on my list. But this time I will be planning on dining in for the complete dining experience! I want to try their homemade gluten-free pasta! I can only imagine how wonderful it is! Magnifico!

When in Miami Beach be sure to pop in to try this spectacular Italian food! Or call for it to be delivered. They are very prompt with their deliveries. You won’t be disappointed. Please tell Ciro, that Rose sent you!


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