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The Pizza Genie is a fun little pizza joint right on the property of Rustic Ridge Winery in Burlington Flats NY. It’s actually pretty close to Cooperstown NY which is where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. Such a wonderful, rustic and rural area that has spectacular views everywhere you turn around! We had a fun retirement party for my friend back home and decided to have it at Rustic Ridge Winery, complete with The Pizza Genie and live music. It was so great with the best atmosphere and so much fun. The Pizza Genie is owned by Ron Tippet.


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Meet Ron and his apprentice Sean


Ron Tippet is The Pizza Genie and does his magic inside the trailer complete with an oven that cooks at about 650-750 degrees! Gluten-free pizzas are cooked on a Copper Chef grill mat that can withstand heat over 900 degrees. Gluten-free ingredients are kept in containers inside a small refrigerator to avoid cross-contamination with the ingredients on the line. Ron even makes his own gluten-free crust!

There is a separate sauce and ladle as well as mozzarella for the gluten-free pizzas. I decided to try the Rustic Pizza with Roasted Chicken, Fresh Tomatoes, Mozzarella, a garlic base and topped with fresh basil. Ron grows Russian White Garlic in his own garden for the garlic base sauce in the Rustic Pizza. The gluten-free Pizza Peel (the wooden handled paddle) is marked specifically for gluten-free pizzas. Again, he is careful about cross-contamination.

There are even gluten-free dessert pizzas! This one has fresh blueberries and cream cheese! Now that’s the jackpot! If you would like to see where The Pizza Genie will be from April through November, feel free to get in contact with Ron at The Pizza Genie Those months would be right after the snow stops to right before the next snow season begins! He’s also available to do catering. Thanks for a great evening, Ron. Can’t wait to have another Rustic & Dessert Pizza when I come up for another visit!

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