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Eating at Kyma, in Buckhead Georgia, was an experience, not just a meal. Everything was so special from the minute we entered the front door at this upscale Greek Restaurant. There is a small “Dress Code” sign at the hostess table, so plan on dressing accordingly. That little detail just makes for a more special evening. The staff at Kyma is very attentive and patient to answer any questions you may have. Our waiter Niko was very efficient and intentional. His recommendation of the Grilled Lavraki was very much appreciated. Rameen, the General Manager, was very helpful when I called to ask about Gluten Free Options and make reservations. When you visit Kyma, please ask for Rameen and tell him I sent you!


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We started our evening with a Cucumber-Yogurt spread with cucumber, garlic, and dill. We decided not to have the pita bread in order to keep the meal gluten-free. Our Cucumber-Yogurt Spread was served with cucumbers. This “tzatziki” was fresh and delicious!

Our Server Niko suggested the Grilled Lavraki for two. It is a Sea Bass served with Tuscan kale, lemon vinaigrette, Santorini capers. This Sea Bass was out of this world! Every tender bite was just as delicious as the first with a delicate and mild flavor. We also ordered the brussel sprouts which are lightly caramelized with carrots, leeks, olive oil, lemon, and chives. The lemon potatoes were delectable. The chef prepared the fingerling potatoes with lemon vinaigrette, fleur de sel, and chives.


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Grilled Lavraki


Kyma specializes in the Greek technique of wood grilling & basting whole fish with olive oil and lemon. A chef will fillet the fish to make eating it all the more enjoyable! All whole fish is served with Greek extra virgin olive oil lemon, Santorini capers, and Tuscan kale. The flavors are spectacular!


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We were also able to experience dessert. The Lemon Cheesecake was created by Chef Pano to accommodate those who are gluten-free. This cheesecake is the ultimate dessert with an almond flour crust, apricot glaze, and a candied lemon slice. It is made with Manouri cheese (which is a Greek cheese creamier than feta) and infused with a secret ingredient. Sorry, I can’t reveal that! It’s a secret! It is served with honey-infused ice cream and saffron yogurt dots. The flavors complement each other so well. What a wonderful end to a wonderful meal!


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Even the restrooms at Kyma are lovely! Let’s face it, that’s an important aspect of eating out as well. So very classy with their fresh and fragrant flowers.


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Bottom line, I highly recommend Kyma for a special dinner. Whatever the celebration or just an evening out with friends, you won’t be disappointed. Kyma is a special place with a capital ‘S’. If you would like to continue with eating the delicious foods in your own kitchen, Chef Pano’s beautiful cookbook is the answer. It’s full of delicious recipes and lovely photographs.


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Greek Wishes,

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