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Another Unexpected Discovery right here in Atlanta! This one was found by my daughter as she is always searching the internet for gluten-free for me! Thanks, Meg! Hell Yeah Gluten Free is an Instagram Bakery owned by fellow Celiac Alejandra who is just as sweet as she is talented. Her Instagram feed is just beautiful and your mouth will be watering as you look through each post.

Hubby and I stopped by for breakfast yesterday and I am so glad we did! Gluten-Free Seasonal Fruit Crumb Cake, Fruity Oat Bowls, AND Gas Station Biscuits were some of the features for the day. Each weekend is changed up a bit. I can’t wait to try the doughnuts, so I am looking forward to going back when they are on the menu!


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Look at these gorgeous colors in their Fruity Bowl !!


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Beautiful from top to bottom!


Just look at all of these beautiful colors in this gluten-free and vegan Fruity Bowl. Loaded with Horchata Oats (Housemade with Mexican Rice Milk), Blueberry Jam (made in-house) & Chia, Infused Apple Honey from Bee Free Honee, Dragonfruit Chia, Charcoal Granola from Ry’s Table, Dried Fruits from RawDried.com, nuts and fresh flowers!

Can you tell it’s just packed with flavors? Each ingredient compliments each other so they aren’t overpowering altogether. Every bite was just amazing!


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An adorable box with yumminess squeezed inside! Blueberry Crumb Cake! This chunk was soft & moist and full of flavor with a crunchy topping. I haven’t had crumb cake in forever! What a treat!


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Hello Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit!!


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Preserves to spread on biscuits!


I couldn’t wait to try the biscuit! When I saw it on Hell Yeah Gluten Free I knew I had to investigate and devour! Remember the nostalgia of seeing gas station biscuits, wrapped in foil sitting under a heat lamp! Well, here ya go! Got to fit it right in my hand! These two preserves are from Squirrel Brand Goods. I mixed the Habanero & Jalapeño with the Mulberry. Holy Cow, it was a great idea! Together or separate, you can’t go wrong. I am looking forward to going to the Grant Park Farmers Market soon to buy some to bring home. Apparently, the Mulberry Preserves is a very short season. That’s one I haven’t made on my own yet! It was DELISH!!!

Alejandra is one hard-working gal! She intentionally works with and supports local businesses. Way to go Alejandra for making your mark on Atlanta in such a positive way.

Hell Yeah Gluten Free is currently located in the Queen of Cream Ice Cream Parlor on Highland Avenue in Atlanta. Highland Avenue looks like a lovely community with beautiful homes and active businesses. Hell Yeah Gluten Free will be moving to 900 Dekalb Avenue in 4-6 weeks. It’s such a treat and well worth the trip!

Go & Getcha Some,

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