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Junk Gypsy was at the top of my list last week during the Round Top Spring Antiques Week in Texas! How fun it was to walk in and see it all to include the Junk Gypsies themselves!! Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Amie and Jolie with their Texas accents and hospitality, huge smiles, and kindness when we were chatting. They are both so down-to-earth and easy to talk to as they paused their day. Junk Gypsy was everything and more than I had expected!


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Look at Amie holding her drill as she was apparently on a mission when we walked by each other!

Amie told me how much she enjoys meeting the people that come into the store. Her highlight of having the store, she said, is talking with the people! She mentioned how she and her mom have shopped Round Top antiques for 20 years. An elderly lady walked up and asked Amie “Excuse me, do you work here?” Amie replied “Yes ma’am,” I thought that was hilarious as Amie then answered her next question. Yep, she does work there!!!


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Amie and Jolie are so thankful to have both their mom and dad involved and helping with Junk Gypsy. Their parents are pretty much there every day. What a huge blessing that is!


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The employees at Junk Gypsy are warm and inviting, as are Amie and Jolie! They seem to appreciate everyone who walks into their store. How refreshing to feel that as a customer! True Texas Hospitality right there!

The Junk Gypsies sell shabby chic decor, lighting, Native American blankets, embroidered boots, vintage and funky clothing, and everything in between!


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Junk Gypsy Junk Yard

The pink Chevy Suburban a.k.a. Large Marge the Party Barge……… eeeeeekkk…..So incredibly fun to see that! Would love to drive that down the country roads of Round Top! I just can’t tell you how fun all of this was!


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Look how beautiful their front yard was with all of the beautiful lighting, corn hole games, and plenty of chairs for people all hanging out with their BBQ picnic baskets getting settled in for the evening of live music.

What an enjoyable evening. The weather was lovely, the music was great and the fellowship was sweet with people visiting from everywhere!

Bo and Garrett provided the live music. They did a great job! How really cool to be able to hang out with the Junk Gypsies in a lovely atmosphere with music and food & fixings provided by Stiles Switch BBQ and Holy Roller from Austin. They even had gluten-free options! Everyone was bragging about how delicious everything was! Amie and Jolie thought of everything! So very classy!

Miranda Lambert’s signature wine line was there as well. Red 55 Winery, owned by Rick & Bev Lambert (Miranda’s parents), is a private label of wines honoring their daughter. The wine labels include some of Miranda’s hit songs like Kerosene Pinot Grigio, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sweet White, White Liar Chardonnay; and some that just sound charming ~ Texas Medley Red Blend, Belle Sweet Red, and Country Road 233 Merlot. Very clever!


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The Lambert Airstream trailer that you just might see glamping around is the background piece for Red 55 Winery, which was established in 2006 by Miranda Lambert’s parents. It is escorted by Moriah and Adam who are just as cute and sweet as they can be! The husband/wife duo travel the road promoting Red 55 Winery at events. This Airstream trailer was refurbished by the Junk Gypsies! Of course, they did an awesome job!


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Sneak Peak of the inside of the Airstream Trailer


Heading out of Round Top and Texas, what an incredible sight……the Texas longhorns are just beautiful to me!! So huge!

And then there’s the bluebonnet season that is in full bloom during the Round Top Spring Antiques Week! What a treat to be able to soak that in as well! So much pretty every. where. you. turn!!!

If you have any questions about Round Top, drop me a question in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Such a pleasure to meet y’all, Junk Gypsies! You were the cherry on top of my Round Top visit! Can’t wait to come back next year. But I will definitely stay longer than 2 days!

Until Next Time,

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