Mr Mike’s Pizza & Italian Kitchen | Lake Placid, New York

Another fabulous restaurant that serves gluten-free options, Mr. Mike’s Pizza & Italian Kitchen in Lake Placid NY. Located on Main Street, walking distance from the Olympic Center. Super easy to get to and well worth the visit. The staff at Mr. Mike’s Pizza & Italian Kitchen is super friendly and attentive! The food is freshly made and so delicious!


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Tyrone Mullings ~ Team Jamaica Bobsledder


You never know who you might see while in Lake Placid. What a treat to meet this super nice guy! Tyrone Mullings a Bobsledder on the Jamaica Bobsledding Team. He begins training again in October! We will be cheering you on Tyrone!

The Owner David is very knowledgeable about Gluten, Celiac, and Cross-Contamination! I felt so comfortable eating at Mr. Mike’s and would love to go back. Might just have to try out Lake Placid in the Summer!!

With a happy tummy,

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