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Can you imagine walking into a bakery with a sign that says “Everything is Gluten Free, Yes Everything!” Well, that’s what you see when entering Twice Baked Baking Company in Long Beach California. Twice Baked Baking Company is just fabulous!


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Check out these baked goods! Mother and Daughter team Judy and Dahlia have quite the bakery. Biscotti was their first product, hence the name Twice Baked!  Their Bear Claws have homemade almond paste prepared by Judy! Just to name a few, they have gluten-free magic bars, banana bread, snickerdoodles, brownies, and raspberry thumbprints which are made with orange blossom water!


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Find baked goods here that are dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and sugar-free. ALL are peanut-free! They have real butter and cream cheese in the rugalach that is an old family recipe. It’s been in the family for five generations beginning in Russia. Judy’s mom taught her these recipes and now Judy has passed them on to her daughter. What a blessing that these recipes are kept alive and the love and passion are still being passed on to those of use purchasing these baked goods. Such a special treat to meet these two lovely ladies today. And my tummy is so happy as well! If you pop into the Twice Baked Baking Company, please tell Judy and Dahlia that Rose sent you! I can’t wait to go back!


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My mouth is just watering as I am looking at these photos! I bought WAY too much to try, brought some to share with friends up in Santa Clarita for an after-dinner treat! They LOVED everything as well, and only one of them was gluten-free. No one could tell the desserts were gluten-free! I’m telling you, everything is sooooo good!! So much love goes into each and every recipe. Oh, and if you want some doughnuts on Saturday mornings, be sure to order ahead of time! They sell out quickly!


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