The Bald Strawberry 100% Gluten-Free | Melbourne, FL

Hubby and I found The Bald Strawberry in Melbourne when there for the Air Show. What a find! The Bald Strawberry is 100% gluten-free! YES, completely gluten-free and full of style and flair! What an unexpected discovery! Sandwiches, desserts, and pizzas! What a wonderful restaurant to stumble upon!


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The photo above is their spin on a turkey club sandwich. It’s ‘The Club’ which consists of natural turkey breast, bacon, organic tomato, organic spinach & homemade zesty sauce. To be able to enjoy a SAUCE, holy cow!! Utter deliciousness! What a treat for us Celiacs!!


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Here we have the ‘Strawberry Joy’ which is a waffle filled with fresh strawberries, maple roasted almonds, strawberry preserves & homemade maple almond butter. Every bite was full of delectable yumminess! So Hubby and I shared these sandwiches. And low and behold…..the screaming at me from the counter was their dessert display. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy goodnesssss………


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decisions, decisions!!!


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So just because I could, I DID! An Almond Joy Cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles of almonds on the side and top! The cake was so moist and had a delicious combination of almond flavoring with the chocolate. Plus in addition to being gluten-free, it’s dairy-free and egg-free! How do they do that?! Tastes just like a regular cake…I was so stuffed after eating the sandwiches that we took most of this cake to go and polished it off that night! WOW! The Bald Strawberry is open for brunch and then again for dinner. You have to try this sweet location for a meal you won’t soon forget! I can’t wait to go back!

My taste buds were having a party,

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