Remembering September 11th Six Years Later

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While I am watching the somber televised September 11th, 2001 NYC remembrance as all of the names of the fallen are being read, I am reminded of how so many lives were changed that day! Children who lost their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are so eloquently reading those names out loud. I am proud to be an American where complete strangers come to aid those in need while putting their own lives in danger.  I am thankful to live in a country where common decency still prevails! Being kind and thoughtful isn’t something of the past. It is brightly shining through the hearts of American Veterans, Military Members, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and complete strangers who put their lives in danger helping others before themselves. So much sacrifice is needed to keep our nation safe. American Patriots are constantly responding with speed, compassion, and courage. Our military is made up of a multitude of worthy successors of tremendously strong service members who set the tone of bravery, strength, and courage. Our first responders think nothing of themselves as they respond to dangerous calls on a daily basis. We live in a country where we are taught to help others, where we are concerned and overwhelmed when we see imminent danger approaching, where we open our wallets or offer our time, where we pray and offer hugs, and where we teach our children what our great-grandparents taught us about kindness and compassion.

Our nation always comes together through good times and bad. Let’s focus on the sweet, caring, sympathetic, neighborly, unselfish, kind, charitable, considerate, kind, and thoughtful people. Let’s offer up thankfulness and a handshake when we see a police officer, firefighter, veteran (you know the ones you see wearing “Veteran” caps), and a military member. Let’s work together to continue to be tender-hearted and thoughtful. Let’s rededicate ourselves to step forward to serve our communities more, to offer a smile and greet a stranger. We are one nation and one people. I am so grateful to the generations of heroes in and out of uniforms who have awarded me the freedoms I have. I am forever inspired by the actions and deeds of so many! I pray that God will continue to bless the United States of America.

So Thankful,

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