A Huge Reminder for Me


Life isn’t always a fun day at the beach. Nor do we always feel as relaxed as I did when I captured this image. As I was recently at an event, it was time for lunch. The foods that were Gluten Free were labeled and I was so excited to be able to be just like everyone else and go through the buffet line. I was a little nervous about cross-contamination but was trying to put that out of my mind. You know the thoughts, “Don’t be so paranoid”, “It’ll be fine”, “Don’t be so high maintenance”? Well, about two hours later, I am back on the front row in the main event area listening to our speaker. My stomach is just rumbling and in pain. For the second time, I again zig-zag my way out of the event to the restroom.  I then had to stay out in the lobby where I could see the speaker through an open door in between running to the bathroom.  It was then that I was reminded why I was doing this blog. I want to help and encourage people like you. I know how discouraging it is when you are affected by gluten and how painful it can be. It’s a constant struggle to be diligent in the process of being gluten-free. Even when we are diligent and trusting, it can be disappointing and painful. I hope you will be encouraged that there is indeed so much information out there that can be of great help to you or someone you know and love.

Hoping you have a calm day,

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