SSgt Tyler VanWatermulen | Avionics Specialist


Meet SSgt Tyler VanWatermulen, F22 Raptor Avionics Specialist, from Watertown MN. It was the first time I had seen these uniforms designed specifically for the F22 demo team. So sharp! This was his third demonstration, at the Wings Over Wayne 2017 Airshow, as part of the F22 Raptor Demonstration and Heritage Flight Team. It was his first demo at Seymour Johnson AFB NC with the team. He is one of ten enlisted members of the team specializing in the safety and maintenance of the Raptor. His expertise allows Maj Dickinson, the pilot of the F22 Raptor, to accurately and safely fly and execute his aerial maneuvers while flying over 10 million spectators each year. Sgt VanWatermulen told me that his team practices every day to ensure great demonstrations. He also informed me how important is for their team to watch for birds and even have a safety observer for that. Bird strikes cause a great deal of damage to flying aircraft in addition to creating great risk to the pilots flying the aircraft. Thank you SSgt VanWatermulen for your service to our country!

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