O’Baby’s Gourmet Pizza And Sandwich Shoppe | Washington Mills, New York

O’Baby’s has to be one of my top favorite places to eat! Since it’s quite a few states away, in Washington Mills NY, and I have to fly to get there, so it’s even more special! I grew up on the best pizza along with the most incredible buffalo-style chicken wings in the nation! In my opinion, you can’t beat Upstate NY for both of those. I tend to overdose on them when I am in town, just can’t get enough! O’Baby’s has gluten-free out the wazoo!!



To once again be able to eat pizza with great sauce AND chicken wings…..it’s Huge!!!! It really shouldn’t make my day as much as it does, but it does!!!



The pizza on the top is not gluten-free, but the one on the bottom IS! I got half of a white pizza with garlic and the other half is pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms! The wings are GF, extra crispy mild with a side of GF blue cheese to dip the wings and or the celery and carrots. And my guilty pleasure….a root beer! Probably one of my top 5 dinners on the planet. I always end up with leftovers and they are just as good warmed up in the oven the next day! So yummy!!!!

Such a homey place to eat. They have recently remodeled indoors and are soon to be remodeling outdoors as well. The gluten-free menu is gigantic, from pizza and wings to sandwiches, pasta, and salads!



And did I mention GLUTEN-FREE CHEESECAKE!!! Holy Cow, it really is the jackpot when you eat here! Can you tell it’s my favorite place?!


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Almond Joy Gluten-Free Cheesecake (Graham Cracker Crust with Coconut, Chocolate Ganache, and Slivered Almonds Topping) Can’t you tell how great it tastes just by looking at the picture?


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Just call ahead and order any style of cheesecake you want! Really, it’s that easy! And it sells out quickly, so just go ahead and buy the entire cheesecake! It freezes well if you have any leftovers! So fresh and delicious and GLUTEN-FREE! Such beautiful toppings to fit any occasion.

When you pop in, tell them Rose from Georgia sent you! They will know who you are talking about!

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