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Jennifer’s Way Bakery is now closed! So sad I know! Jennifer’s Way Bakery, E 10th Street in NYC was high on my list during our visit. Owned by Jennifer Esposito, actress, author, blogger, baker, and survivor of Celiac Disease. Loved her on Blue Bloods! The girls and I visited her bakery in NYC in the Fall of 2016. Such a cozy, homey, warm, and heavenly scented bakery.



Great reminder on her wall. Ask your doctor as well as your pharmacist if your prescriptions contain gluten. Also, a good idea to look at the boxes of all medications you plan to take to make sure they are wheat and gluten-free.




I read Jennifer’s book, ‘Jennifer’s Way’ prior to our trip.  During her entire life, she went through tremendous traumatic experiences while trying to figure out what was going on while her body was dealing with unexplained, devastating ailments. It is a wealth of information for those suffering from Celiac Disease or knowing someone with the disease. Towards the end of the book, she has a lot of wonderful recipes.



Meg & Kate chillin’ out while I am placing a large order at the counter. The young ladies working behind the counter and baking do a great job holding down the fort for Jennifer. Very hard working, sweet, and kind.



The bakery was chock full of delicious fresh baked goodies. From cookies (Double Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, Hazelnut Thumbprint, and Chocolate Chip), brownies, cakes, bagels, and loaves of bread, her bakery shelves are full of deliciousness. Everything in the bakery is Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free! SO YUMMY!  I wanted to buy one of everything! But I will just have to settle with going back for another visit.  Check her out online and order away if you want to receive a sweet package in the mail!


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