Bennington, Vermont in the Fall


This is the first sight you typically see when you arrive in Bennington Vermont. Even on a cloudy, rainy day, you can’t miss it. My daughter Kate and I decided to explore once again in Vermont for a long weekend. The weather was chilly and rainy but beautiful just the same. Scroll down to get a small idea of some great things to see while visiting.
Bennington is the home of the Bennington Monument. This monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War. We bought a ticket and walked up to the top for a beautiful view. We could see for miles.



Acclaimed writer and poet Robert Frost is buried in the Old Bennington Cemetery along with his wife and children. The cemetery is behind the Old First Congregational Church in the Historic District of Old Bennington. The Old First Church first opened in 1805 and still has a congregation to this day.




There is a lot of history at the Old Bennington Cemetery. In addition to Robert Frost, the author of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Vermont, Dr. Jonas Fay is buried in this cemetery.



American Revolutionary War-era homes are just beautiful in Bennington. It is so evident that the residents take pride in their homes and properties. This area is lovely and picturesque during any of the four seasons.




The Bennington Motor Inn is where K & I spent the night on our adventure in October. The staff was kind and the room was just what we needed; quiet, quaint, and homey with a comfy bed. By the way, the smell of the fallen leaves in this little space was glorious!



The Vermont Country Store is where I could actually spend the entire day. Walking around this nostalgic store takes me back to when I was a kid. Every corner you go by, you hear someone say “hey, did you see this?”, or “do you remember this?” or “I had one of these!”. What was your favorite toy when you were a little kid?



When you first walk in you are greeted by the beautiful displays of colors and scents of candies.




Homemade fudge and chocolates fill the glass jars lined up on the counters. You can begin tasting the homemade candies right away. What is YOUR favorite type of old-fashioned candy from when you were little?



These old-fashioned candies from back in the day…..



A Vermont Scale Museum is located in the Vermont Country Store. Over 150 scales from 1850-1950 are on display. It’s a great spot for husbands to linger while the ladies shop!



Let’s talk about cheese and more cheese in the back of the store for a minute! So many samples and so little time to taste it all! Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar, Vermont Shepsog which is a mix of sheep and cow’s milk, Grace’s Choice for creamy, smooth, and buttery, Cabot, Sage, and Cheddar. There are cubes of cheese for the tasting each and every time you visit the store. I will definitely bring a small baggie of gluten-free crackers the next time so I can completely enjoy the taste testing! Regular, gluten-filled crackers are available to sample.



The Vermont Country Store has so many varieties of maple syrup! In the Fall in Vermont, it is so cool to see buckets attached to the side of a maple tree with syrup filling those buckets. From the buckets to the store… yummy! Christmas decorations are available to purchase all year long. Look at this beautifully decorated Christmas tree!



Who comes to mind when you see these old-timey fragrances? My favorite is the lily of the valley. My grandmother had lily of the valley growing in her backyard near her detached wooden garage. The fragrance was so strong when it was in bloom. So I am transformed back to my childhood and my loving grandmother when I smell lily of the valley.
Weston Vermont needs to be on your list of places to visit. Check out to see everything they have. Or better yet, plan a trip to Weston. It’s a trip down memory lane you won’t want to miss. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Vermont, including the Vermont Country Store! I think I will visit during another season, so you all can travel with me through my photos!



There are so many things to do in Vermont. Whatever season you visit, you will not be disappointed with the sights or the flavors!



Fall leaves in New England are incredible. It is different than any other part of the country during the Fall months. The smells of the fallen leaves, the crunchiness when stepping on the leaves, the woodsy tree scents, and then the crisp, fresh air is not taken for granted by this former Northern gal.

There are more than 100 covered bridges in Vermont. Each of these bridges makes for a wonderful spot to take Senior Pictures of your graduating senior. They are the perfect setting.



The Henry Bridge, a lattice truss bridge, opened in 1835. It is 121 feet long and spans the Walloomsac River near Bennington. Still beautiful on a rainy day.



The Silk Road Bridge opened in 1840 and is 88 feet long.



The Paper Mill Bridge opened in 1889 and is 126 feet long.



The Blue Benn Diner in Bennington is a fun, quaint place to eat. Yes, it is tiny, but packed with flavor and charm. The food is made fresh to order. I make sure to ask for GF and tell them it’s an “allergy” to stress the importance of having no cross-contamination and I have never gotten sick. Breakfast is especially yummy and just look at how huge the portions are! Such a fun way to start the day. And bring a quarter for the jukebox. There’s one at every booth. What perfect timing…our selection “Georgia On My Mind” played just as we began to eat our delicious breakfast. Can you tell how homey it is?



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